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Marriage Matching Software

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Marriage Matching Software Specifications, Review & Details

Marriage Matching English Software

Charts Section

  • Longitudes of Planets; and 1 + 3 Charts: (Lagna Kundali, Chandra Kundali, Navamsha Kundali (Traditional), & Navamsha Kundali (as per Krishna Mishra's method) ] - 1 Page.
  • House-cusps & House-spans; and 1 + 1 Charts: (Lagna Kundali & Bhava Kundali) - 1 Page.
  • 1 + 3 Charts: Lagna Kundali, Drekkana Kundali (Traditional), Arudha Lagna Kundali (Traditional), Upa-Pada Lagna Kundali (Traditional) - 1 Page.
  • List of Sun-based & Weekday-based Upagrahas (as per Parashara & Kalidasa) - 1 Page.
  • Planetary Aspects (Various types) - including Degree-Aspects & Special Aspects - 1 Page.
  • Planetes as "Karakas" (Various types) and 'Padas' (Bhava-, Rasi-, and Graha-) - 2 Pages.
  • The Graha Maitri Chakras - Naisargika-, Tatkalika-, & Panchadha- Maitri - 1 Page.
  • The Sudarshan Chakra (Lagna-, Chandra-, and Surya- Kundalis at a glance) - 1 Page.
  • Ashtakavarga: Bhinna-Ashtakavarga, Sarva-Ashtakavarga, & Kaksha Strength - 3 Pages.
  • Vimshottari Dashas & 9 Antardashas (as per Traditional method) - 1 Page.
  • Vimshottari 9 Antardashas & Pratyantardashas (as per Traditional method) - 9 Pages.
  • Vimshottari Dashas & 12 Antardashas (as per Alternate method) - 1 Page.
  • Vimshottari 12 Antardashas & Pratyantardashas (as per Alternate method) - 12 Pages.
  • Jaimini Chara Dashas & Antardashas (as per RB-NS method) - 1 Page.
  • J.C.D. Antardashas & Pratyantardashas (as per RB-NS method) - 12 Pages.
  • Kala Chakra Dashas & 9 Antardashas (as per Traditional method) - 1 Page.
  • K.C.D. 9 Antardashas & 9 Pratyantardashas (as per Traditional method) - 9 Pages.
  • Kala Chakra Dashas & 9 Antardashas (as per Alternate method) - 1 Page.
  • K.C.D. 9 Antardashas & 12 Pratyantardashas (as per Alternate method) - 9 Pages.

Predictions From Varous Sources

  • Physical-/ mental- firmity & psychological disposition.
  • An overview of the prospect of happiness in marriage.
  • Prashna (horary): regarding marriage & married life.
  • Checking for health & wellbeing in early age-periods.
  • Chances of denial of marriage or delay in finalization.
  • Viewing the prospect of marriage from ashtaka-varga.
  • Finding "age-period" of marriage from various sources.
  • Relationships with- spouse, in-laws, & sons/ daughters.
  • Chances of extra-marital liaisons or second marriage.
  • Checking for birth in 4 'harmful' nakshatra-charans.
  • Problematic end-periods of some vimshottari dashas.
  • Special effects of rahu & ketu in female horoscopes.
  • Is there 'danger-zone' formed by planets/ upagrahas?
  • Checking for dowry-problems & untoward happenings.
  • Predictions for marriage & married life - from k. C. D.
  • Ashta-koota agreement & gun-milan score (max. 36 points).
  • Dwadasha-koota agreement & gun-milan score (max. 50 points).
  • 'mangalik' blemish (or kuja-dosha) & its cancellation.
  • Vihaga, tatwa, vadha-vainashika, & sama-gotra dosha.
  • "dosha-samyam" (or balancing of malefic influences).
  • Affinity between two charts: sympathy or antipathy.
  • Birth in 4 maha-nakshatras & poor agreement scores.
  • Checking vimshottari dasha-sandhis & 'blank' periods.
  • Prospect of begetting progeny & 'gender' of children

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