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Moser Baer Blank DVD Media 100 Pcs Pack 4.7 GB DVD-R

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  • Known as: blank dvd box
  • Manufactured by: MoserBaer
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Moser Baer Blank DVD Media 100 Pcs Pack 4.7 GB DVD-R Specifications, Review & Details

Moser Baer 100 blank Sealed DVD pack 4.7 GB moserbear DVD-R

Moser Baer DVD-Rs are highly advanced discs that enable high-speed recording and storing of not just data, but also audio and video files. The first 16x DVD-Rs to be launched in India, they provide excellent thermal sensitivity to the laser ray and maintain data integrity without degradation in any way. Moser Baer DVD-Rs are compatible with most conventional recording drives.


Capacity                         : 4.7 GB
Speed                             : 16x
Disc Diameter                : 120 mm ± 0.3 mm
Thickness                       : 1.14 + 0.06 / -0.01 mm
Center Hole Diameter  : 15 mm ± 0.05 mm
Disc Material                  : Polycarbonate
Recording Layer           : Phenylalanine Dye
Protective Layer           : UV Lacquer

DVD-R Recordable DVD media products indicate the next generation of optical storage technology. Samsung provides you with perfect solutions to your storage requirements. Our DVD media products enable you to make perfect backup for audio, video, multimedia and program data.

DVD-R (4.7 GB): DVD-Recordable Discs are write-once recordable DVD discs that offer extremely high storage capacity - up to 4.7 GB. Once recorded, DVD-R discs can be played back in all DVD-ROM drives and DVD-Video players. Moser Baer DVD-R discs incorporate a number of vital technologies that make them compatible with the widest range of DVD drives and players in the market.


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